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What Makes our meat different?

Quite a few contributing factors go in to making our meats different. It begins on how our animals are raised, and that we only source straight-from-farm. This means we go directly to the local farm and purchase the animals, guaranteeing premuim quality, never sourcing from sale barns, stockyards, or farms we don't audit. In fact, we source all of our animals from a tiny network of 5-6 farms, or we raise the animals ourselves! We believe that a "righteous man regardeth the life of his beast"*, and we put that practice in to every animal we source!


Animals arrive here and are kept in a low stress enviroment, never deprived of nutrients like water and feed, and never comingled with animals from other farms, comingling leads to aggressive behavior and undo stress.


Animals are humanely harvested under USDA supervision, in an artisan style setting with one animal harvested at a time, all in an effort to reduce stress and ensure humane treatment.


After Humanely Harvesting, our meats are chilled to a safe temperature in a low-pathogen risk enviroment known as dry-aging. This process enhances the safety, tenderness, and texture of our meats.


After dry-aging, our professional processing takes place under USDA supervision, and again, one animal at a time, using our experience as artisan butchers to carefully separate choice cuts and remove connective tissues and gristle from meats ground in to hamburger, bratwurst, or sausage. We further enhance some of our products by blending house seasonings, many which are free of sugar, and using high quality, fresh ingredients, followed by in-house Hickory Smoking which does not include chemical nitrites or MSG. 


After processing, our fresh meats are flash frozen in BPA free vacuum pouches to lock in freshness and further enhance the quality of our meats. Flash freezing effectively suspends the freshness and safety of our meats. Our Hickory Smoked meats are available unfrozen.

Our meats are available for purchase all year around at our retail location. 


*Proverbs 12:10

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