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Early Family
Where it began
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Where it all began

The Whitefeather tradition first began over 200 years ago when the Perkins' ancestor Reuben Perkins, who was one of the first settlers in Ohio and a talented gunsmith, was gifted the Native American symbol of peace, a white feather, by the local native tribes, who were among the Perkins' first neighbors, friends, and customers.


1987-1993: In 1987, Whitefeather Bison Company is founded by Freddie & Bunny Perkins as a result of their dream to incorporate their family's rich pioneering heritage in to the frontier of healthy foods. In keeping with tradition, the Perkins Family names their business "Whitefeather" and began selling Bison, "The Native Beef", as one of the healthiest red meats available.


1993-2015: In 1993, The Perkins Family purchased the local abattoir where their Bison were being processed. Whitefeather Bison Company becomes Whitefeather Meats. As Whitefeather Meats, the Perkins Family began custom processing for area farms and continued to expand the types of meat available in their retail store, along with their staple, Bison.


2016-Present: By 2016 Whitefeather Meat's retail store had grown to include Bison, Elk, Venison, 100% Grass-fed Beef, Non-GMO Pork, Free Range Chicken, Lamb, many types of Hickory Smoked Meats, and seasonally, Organic Produce. The decision is made to discontinue custom processing services (processing of animals not raised for Whitefeather's own resale) and focus solely on Whitefeather Meat's own sourcing and meat sales. 


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