Fill your own box with 10: 4 link packages of our Whitefeather Meat's Premium Pork Bratwursts and we'll ship it to your door! Each flavor is carefully handcrafted using in-house recipes from Pork that is humanely harvested and processed on site. $75.00 for the Brat Box + $30.00 Shipping, limited to the Eastern United States.


Choose a combination of any *10 flavors before checking out!


  • Pork Bearded Butcher Original Brat
  • Pork Bearded Butcher "Brockwurst" Brat
  • Pork Bearded Butcher Hollywood Brat
  • Pork Bearded Butcher Chipotle Lime Brat
  • Pork Bearded Butcher Cajun Jambalaya Brat
  • Pork Bearded Butcher Hot Buffalo Bleu Brat
  • Pork Mushroom Swiss Brat
  • Pork Jalapeno Cheddar Brat
  • Pork Spinach Feta Brat
  • Pork Tailgater Brat 
  • Pork Tomato Basil Brat
  • Pork Onion & Bellpepper Brat
  • Pork Fresh Brat
  • Pork Fresh Kielbasa 
  • Pork Hot Italian 
  • Pork Mild Italian
  • Pork Pizza Brat
  • Pork Hawaiian Pizza Brat
  • Pork Chili Cheese Brat
  • Pork Beer Brat
  • Pork Mango Tango Brat
  • Pork Georgia Peach Brat
  • Pork Hickory BBQ Brat
  • Pork Pumpkin Cranberry Brat


*After typing your 10 flavors in the comment section, add "Quantity 1" to cart for 1 box of 10 flavors

10 for $75 Brat Box + $30 shipping