Farmtastic: From the Farm to the Fork

Our Dog SmokieDogs. Tail waggin’, tongue hangin’, flea bitin’, butt sniffin’, cat chasin’…don’t you just love ’em? We do.

In fact,we love our dogs enough to not feed them commercial dog food any longer. That’s why we feed them The Healthy Woof, the all natural dog food we formulated here at Whitefeather Meats. It’s a blend of the essential things you need to keep your pooch healthy. We take lean whole muscle beef, cooked carrots, and cooked peas – all the things that will help keep your dog healthy and happy.

Here at Whitefeather Meats we’ve always taken great care to ensure that the food we eat and the food that we sell our customers is free of the dangers that you find in the commercial food industry, and due to the recent pet food scare we decided to take a close look at what is going in to our pet’s food. We were shocked to find the ingredients that are allowed and the manufacturing practices that are used to produce commercial pet food.

So we came up with a solution and developed a pet food we can feel good about feeding our pets. And, just like the food that we eat which is the same product we make available to our customers, we also want to make the food we feed our pets available to our customers.

We’re so sure of quality of our pet food that we’ve even eaten it ourselves.

We carry fully cooked and raw versions of The Healthy Woof dog food, as well as smoked dog bones.

Raw Marrow Bones – Frozen (approx 1-2 lb each)

Smoked Marrow Bones (approx 1 lb each)

RAW Healthy Woof 1lb package  or 50 lb Case

FULLY COOKED Healthy Woof Supreme 1lb package or 50 lb Case