Farmtastic: From the Farm to the Fork

All-Natural ChickenChicken sold at Whitefeather Meats is all-natural and humanely raised.  Most comes fresh each week from Bell and Evans located in Fredericksburg, PA, but we often have local, pasture-raised chickens from Green Vista Farm available in the summer months.  We do sell some boxed chicken products, all of which is provided by Bell and Evans, as well.

All Natural Chicken Drumsticks: $2.49/lb

All Natural 3# Chicken: $3.19/lb

All Natural Chicken Wings: $3.29/lb

All Natural 1/2 Chickens: $3.69/lb

All Natural Chicken B/S Thighs: $4.49/lb

All Natural Chicken Sausage: $7.49/lb

All Natural Chicken B/S  Breasts: $7.19/lb

All Natural Chicken Seasoned Breasts: $7.49/lb

*Breaded Chicken Patties: $7.49/box

*Breaded Chicken Nuggets: $7.49/box

*Breaded Chicken Tenders: $7.49/box

Breaded Chicken Italian Patties: $7.49/box

*Breaded Chicken available with regular breading or gluten free breading.