Farmtastic: From the Farm to the Fork

All-Natural BeefOur all-natural beef is raised on pasture and grain-fed.  It is free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. All of our grain-finished beef is brought here as livestock from the Orr Family Farm in Apple Creek, Ohio and butchered on our premises – no boxed beef products are ever resold at Whitefeather Meats.








All Natural Beef Bulk Burger

All Natural Beef Patties

All Natural Beef Roasts,  Stew Meat, Stir-fry

All Natural Beef Steaks

*All Natural Whole Beef

*All Natural Half Beef

*All Natural Beef Split Half Beef

We carry a large selection of All Natural Beef in addition to what is listed here. Please call for more information regarding prices, large orders, or specialty cuts.

Prices subject to market changes. Call or visit the store for current prices.

*Whole beef, sides of beef, and half sides of beef are sold by carcass hanging weight.