Meet the Perkins!

Freddie and Bunny Perkins first began selling bison meat in 1988 from the two story log cabin that was hand built by Freddie. Operating as Whitefeather Bison Company,  the business began to grow as people heard about the wonderful product that the Perkins’ had to offer. In 1993 they purchased the small meat processing plant that was responsible for harvesting and processing the bison they were raising on their farm in Wadsworth.

With the acquisition of the meat processing plant, Whitefeather Bison Company became what is known today as Whitefeather Meats. Over the years the Perkins have continued to expand the meat products to include not only Bison, but also Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, and a variety of Smoked Meats. As the Perkins’ business continues to expand, so does their family- Freddie and Bunny now have 14 grandchildren!

Feeling truly blessed by God, Freddie and Bunny are thankful to have the opportunity to offer the highest quality meats available,  continuing the dream they started over 20 years ago!