Meet the Perkins!

Scott Perkins is the youngest of Freddie and Bunny’s six children. Scott is the youngest of twins. Just like his older siblings, Scott began spending time at Whitefeather Meats at a young age.

Because he was the youngest, Scott was sure to be handed many of the various small jobs that were less desirable. Jobs that included skinning deer, taking orders out to vehicles, and unloading livestock. Scott also became skilled at different positions on the slaughter and processing floors and can quickly step in to any position and fill the void if someone is absent.

Today you will not only find Scott working the slaughter and processing floors, and continuing to do some of the jobs that he’s done from his younger years, you’ll also find that Scott now handles a lot of the day to day business operations, which include managing the work schedule, sourcing and managing the products for the retail, and making “on the go” decisions, all which could not be done without the support and input from fellow owners Freddie, Bunny, Sean, and Seth.

Scott married his wife Jamie in 2007. They have 3 sons, Brady, Benson, and Boston. Jamie helps out by cleaning the offices and retail area. A registered nurse, Jamie currently spends her time at home with their three boys and you’ll often find them dropping by to visit here at Whitefeather Meats.

Scott and Jamie enjoy spending time outdoors, cooking, and taking short trips as a family.