Meet the Perkins!

Sean is Freddie and Bunny’s oldest of six children. Heavily involved in the day to day operations here at Whitefeather Meats, most days you will find Sean arriving first in the morning to turn on the lights, ready the equipment, and do a pre-operational sanitation inspection. Sean is  HACCP trained  and handles many of the plant’s sanitation and record keeping, as well as fulfilling a critical role on processing and slaughter days, as head meat fabricator and carcass sanitation specialist, respectively.

Sean’s wife Laura is also a skilled member of the processing team, where she can be found operating the patty forming machine, slicing bacons, or at the meat packaging table.

Sean and Laura’s daughter Stefanie is the head labeling/vacuum seal specialist.

Sean and Laura’s daughter Shauna is the assistant labeling/vacuum seal specialist.

Sean and Laura’s son Spencer is still in school, but enjoys helping out where he can!