God, Family, and Hunting Season!

There’s a few things the Perkins family takes pretty seriously. God, family, and hunting season. We come from a long line of pioneer people who settled in Ohio and fed there families and clothed themselves with some of the bountiful game God provided.  In fact, when Freddie and Bunny were raising their six small children during the 1980’s – wild game was a big part of their diet. Freddie also trapped fur-bearing amimals and sold the pelts to help supplement the family’s income.

It’s only natural that we carry on the tradition today and have many wonderful memories hunting near our homes and at our hunting cabin located in Monroe County,  which is near where our ancestors first began the tradition in the late 1700’s!

Due to tougher USDA regulations regarding the processing of wild game, and our busy schedule, we no longer process deer at Whitefeather Meats. However; we sill want to wish all the deer hunters a safe and successful hunt this coming week!