Farmtastic: From the Farm to the Fork

Grandma Hupp’s Original Cabin

We owe a lot to Grandma.

Grandma Hupp was honored with a white feather, a sign of peace, when she became the first white woman to settle west of the Mongonahela River in Western Pennsylvania back in 1744.   She operated the first trading post in the frontier for the natives of the Delaware Tribe, offering smoke-cured meats she had prepared with her own family recipes.

Two hundred fifty years later, in 1994, we followed in Grandma’s footsteps and opened Whitefeather Meats in Creston, Ohio. Using family recipes, we offer smoke-cured meats, locally-raised bison, beef, pork and chicken for retail customers.  Whitefeather Meats is also the only USDA processing plant in the area to offer local farmers custom slaughtering, cutting, smoking and curing, and packaging, all done on premises.

At Whitefeather Meats, four generations of The Perkins Family strive to serve you with a smile.  Grandma would be proud.